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Monday, 24 March 2014

Window Phone 8 Development Guide: Tutorials/Resource for Beginners (C#-XAML)

The Windows Phone 8 platform is still relatively new, and as of writing this there are no books, or training courses,  written for the platform – although there are a number of books that are planned for release mid 2013. If you’re new to the Windows Phone 8 platform it can be extremely difficult to find learning resources. In this article I will share some great learning resources that helped me get my foot on the ladder!
Microsoft Dev Center
The Microsoft Dev Center should be your first port of call for any new developer interested in developing on the WP8 platform. There’s lots of advice and designer/developer guidelines to get you started.
The documentation for the  .NET API for Windows Phone is also an excellent resource within the Dev Center that you will want to bookmark.
Nokia Windows Phone 8 Wiki
Nokia have a great Wiki on Windows Phone 8 with lots of code examples! It’s one of the only places on the Internet that I was able to find code examples that utilize the Windows Phone 8 platform!
Microsoft Virtual Academy – Building Apps for Windows Phone 8
The MVA has put together this excellent video course that gives you a general overview of the Windows 8 Platform.
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Code Examples
Digg into some code and get a feel for the platform with Microsoft’s WP8 code examples.
Geekchamp Article's 
Good and depth article index from geekchamp
What’s New in the Windows Phone SDK 8.0
If you’ve developed for Windows Phone 7 – or even if you haven’t – I think it’s important to understand the differences between the both platforms (and there are a few!). Ensure you check this out, or bookmark it for you later because trust me, you’ll need it!
Learning XAML
XAML is fundamental to Windows Phone 8 development, without understanding it you can not develop WP8 applications. If you’re like I was, and have little understanding of XAML, below are some great places to learn what XAML is, how/why it’s used, and it’s syntax:

Learning C# Tutorials 

This tutorials will teach you basic C# programming and will also take you through various advanced concepts related to C# programming language.
Other Resources
Unfortunately the resources above are about all I can recommend. I’ve yet to find anything else that’s worth mentioning for beginners, although you can find lots of help and information at the following:
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