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Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps Tutorials (C#-XAML):

WinRT Windows Phone 8.1 Apps Tutorials (C#-XAML):

  1. WinRT Windows Phone 8.1: Copy and past TextBox text within the app, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)-New !!
  2. Windows Store Apps : How to communicate with C# code from WebBrowser javascript and vice versa, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML) - New !!
  3. Windows Store Apps: How to load local html file in WebView control, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)New !!
  4. Windows Store Apps: Get OS Version, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)New !!
  5. Universal apps :How to store list of objects into Local Application Storage (C#-Xaml) -New !!
  6. Windows Phone 8.1 : Microsoft Band SDK Preview Released New !!
  7. WindowsPhone 8.1 : Generate QR code with ZXing library (C#-Xaml) New !!
  8. WindowsPhone 8.1 : Gesture Support with GestureRecognizer class(C#-XAML)
  9. WindowsPhone 8.1 SQLite: How to Store Data in DataBase for Beginners Tutorial(C#-XAML)
  10. Great News! Coding4Fun Toolkit Controls are supported for Windows Phone 8.1- Part 1 (C#-Xaml)
  11. WindowsPhone Store 8.1 : FaceBook Integration Sample (C#-Xaml)
  12. WindowsPhone 8.1: Action Center Sample,Beginners level (C#-Xaml).
  13. WindowsPhone 8.1: Now UniversalWrapPanel is an alternative for WrapPanel(C#-XAML)
  14. WindowsPhone 8.1: Wow! now its very simple to make Navigation Drawer in Phone(C#-XAML) 
  15. WindowsPhone 8.1 Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Library :Read Text from Images (C#-XAML) 
  16. WindowsPhone 8.1 Update (GDR 1) SDK:New Updates & More Emulators for Developers :)
  17. WP8.0 vs WP8.1 :All about new package.appxmanifest file at beginners level
  18. WindowsPhone 8.0 vs WindowsPhone 8.1:Now HttpClient is alternative for WebCleint(C#-XAML) 
  19. WindowsPhone 8.0 vs WindowsPhone 8.1:New ways for detecting Page Orientations on Phone(C#-XAML)
  20. WindowsPhone 8.0 vs WindowsPhone 8.1:New DatePicker & TimePicker features (C#-XAML)
  21. WindowsPhone 8.1 :Now the great "LightSensor" class is available for phone (C#-XAML)
  22. WindowsPhone Store 8.1 vs WindowsPhone 8: TextBox Control having Header and PlaceholderText Properties(C#-XAML)
  23. WindowsPhone Store 8.1 vs WindowsPhone 8: Launchers and Choosers(C#-XAML) 
  24. WindowsPhone 8.1 App Deployment :How to deploy .appx file with Application Development Tool
  25. WindowsPhone 8.1 SDK Blue: Emulator is superb with amazing features for developers 
  26. Windows Phone 8.1 Expected New Features c# 

Windows Phone Beginner's Guide:

  1. WindowsPhone Tips:Top Basics for Beginners(C#-XAML)New !!
  2. Window Phone 8 Development Guide: Tutorials/Resource for Beginners (C#-XAML) - New !!
  3. WindowsPhone 8.1: First Sample for Beginners (C#-XAML) - New !!
  4. UI Design Guidelines for Windows Phone 8 New !!
  5. Awesome Windows Phone 8.1 Jump Start is coming!
  6. Windows Phone Development vs Android Development Tutorial for Beginners
  7. Windows Phone 8 development shortcut keys with keyboard
  8. WindowsPhone : Instantiating a Custom Object as a resource in XAML,Beginners Tutorials (C#-XAML)
  9. Windows Phone : Login application sample, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)

Silverlight Windows Phone Tutorials (C#-XAML):

  1. Silverlight WindowsPhone : How to communicate with C# code from WebBrowser javascript and vice versa, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)  -New !!
  2. WindowsPhone Silverlight (8.0 & 8.1) : Upload files to SFTP Server (C# - XAML) -New !!
  3. WindowsPhone Silverlight (8.0 & 8.1) : Upload files to Ftp Server (C# - XAML)  -New !!
  4. Windows Phone 8.0: How to post Multipart Data (Text & Image) to a web service (C#-Xaml)New !!
  5. WindowsPhone : Working with ListBox Items having Hyperlinks (C#-Xaml)  -New !!
  6. WindowsPhone: Image crop with rectangle ,Beginners Tutorials (C#-XAML)  -New !!
  7. WindowsPhone: Drag and Drop the control within parent layout, beginners tutorials (C#-Xaml)
  8. WindowsPhone: Write Text on Image (C#-XAML)
  9. WindowsPhone : Making nice cutom loader/rotator with related text (C#-XAML)
  10. WindowsPhone: How to programmatically set TextBlock Foreground color with HexColor /Color Codes (C#-XAML) 
  11. WindowsPhone :Get X and Y coordinates of user tap/touch relative to screen(C#-XAML)
  12. Windows Phone 8 Battery API:Retreiving the Remaining time of device battery c#
  13. WindowsPhone: Get the controls which are visible with in the screen bounds(C#-XAML)
  14. WindowsPhone ListBox Search: HightLight the search resulted text with color(C#-XAML) 
  15. WindowsPhone 8.0: Importance of Exclude & Include commands in Solution Explorer(C#-XAML)
  16. WindowsPhone 8 Custom URI Scheme:Launching other own apps from your app (C#-XAML) 
  17. WindowsPhone TilePanel: Repeating(Tiling) image background(C#-XAML) 
  18. WindowsPhone KeyBoard: Prevent page screen scrolling up when soft keyboard is opened(C#-XAML)
  19. WindowsPhone 8 LongListSelector: Scrollable List Items With Fixed Header's(C#-XAML)
  20. Windows Phone 8 MapView Control :How To Get Map Bounds(Top-Left and Bottom-Right) GeoCoordinate's(C#-XAML)
  21. Windows Phone 8 Maps API :Making Custom PushPin With Custom ToolTip Without WP8 toolkit PushPin Control(C# - XAML) 
  22. Windows Phone ImageMergings: Merging Image with Text/Multiple Images(C#-XAML) 
  23. Windows Phone Ink Support:signature capturing and save to media library with image format in c# 
  24. WindowsPhone 8 Resource File:How to Bind Image From Resource File(C#-XAML) 
  25. WindowsPhone 8: Crop Image Area with Different Shapes using Clip Property And Image selection with Crop Using PhotoChooserTask(C#-XAML) 
  26. WindowsPhone ImageTools:Working with Animated Gif Images(C#-Xaml) 
  27. Coding4Fun:SuperImage Bindind Listbox with more Captured Images without out-of-memory -Part 2
  28. Customizing Default RadioButton and CheckBoxes with our images in WindowsPhone C#
  29. Customizing default listbox horizontal scrollviewer in WindowPhone C#
  30. Customizing windowsphone 8 calender control c#
  31. Formatted text in a TextBlock in Windows Phone C#
  32. How to Launch setting page from Windows Phone 8 C# app
  33. How to display the photo of a contact from Windows Phone C#
  34. How to store ListBox items into IsolatedStorage in WindowsPhone 8 c#
  35. Image loader in windows phone 8 ListBox
  36. Windows Phone 8 Listbox Images out of memory exception c# - Part1
  37. Working with both TextWrapping&TextTrimming at a time in WindowsPhone c#,xaml

Social Networks Integration:

  1. WindowsPhone 8.0 : Change default Emulator skin border with Skin Switcher,Beginners TipNew !!
  2. WindowsPhone 8.1 Update (GDR 1) SDK:New Updates & More Emulators for DevelopersNew !!
  3. How to Solve issues of Internet not working with Windows Phone 8 emulator.
  4. Not Enough Memory Error Message: Windows 8 Phone Emulator Not Starting in Windows 8.1
  5. Running the Windows Phone Emulator on Windows 8.1 Preview


  1. Do we have any task scheduler control in windows phone8 . I need to implement in my app .How can we implement task scheduler getting notifications of a day and week and month


  2. hi i am developing one app for WP8 with phonegap.I am new to the WP8 development.
    It includes live HLS streaming videos(.m3u8 url), it works fine with android and ios.
    But t dint work with native WP8 video player, it asks oher playstore player to install, which i dont want, so any plugin available for the same?

  3. Hi,I am binding dynamic data in listbox horizonatally on Wp8 Development,I want to get Middle Listbox item after scrolling Horizonatally.How to get Middle item details after scrolling Horizonatally.How to do this?
    Any help on the same would Appreciate.

  4. I got Solution for my problem after Struggling a lot. I think my Code will help for someone.

    1.First I will find Scrolling Event once User Starts Scrolling Using VisualTreeHelper.
    2.In ScrollViewer.CurrentStateChanging Event I will get Which is Middle in listbox

    private void stackpanle_Loaded(object sender, EventArgs e)

    HomePageClass im = wifiListboxItems.Items.ElementAt(0) as HomePageClass;
    tblMiddletext.Text = im.Name;
    if (alreadyHookedScrollEvents)
    alreadyHookedScrollEvents = true;
    viewer = FindSimpleVisualChild(wifiListboxItems);
    if (viewer != null)
    FrameworkElement element = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(viewer, 0) as FrameworkElement;
    if (element != null)
    VisualStateGroup group = FindVisualState(element, "ScrollStates");
    if (group != null)
    group.CurrentStateChanging += group_CurrentStateChanging;
    void group_CurrentStateChanging(object sender, VisualStateChangedEventArgs e)
    if (e.OldState.Name == "Scrolling" && e.NewState.Name == "NotScrolling")
    int topIndex = -1;
    double bottomIndex;
    FrameworkElement lbItem = (FrameworkElement)wifiListboxItems.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex(0);
    if (lbItem != null)
    double width = lbItem.ActualWidth;
    topIndex = (int)(this.viewer.HorizontalOffset / width);
    HomePageClass item1 = wifiListboxItems.Items.ElementAt(topIndex) as HomePageClass;
    tblMiddletext.Text = item1.Name;
    bool atLastItem = viewer.HorizontalOffset >= viewer.ScrollableWidth;
    if (atLastItem)
    HomePageClass item2 = wifiListboxItems.Items.ElementAt(wifiListboxItems.Items.Count - 1) as HomePageClass;
    tblMiddletext.Text = item2.Name;

    private void GetItemsRecursive(DependencyObject lb)
    var childrenCount = VisualTreeHelper.GetChildrenCount(lb);
    for (int i = 0; i < childrenCount; i++)
    var child = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(lb, i);
    var childname = child as FrameworkElement;
    if (childname.Name == "tblPer")
    targetelement = (TextBlock)child;
    tblMiddletext.Text = targetelement.Text;

    VisualStateGroup FindVisualState(FrameworkElement element, string name)
    if (element == null)
    return null;

    IList groups = VisualStateManager.GetVisualStateGroups(element);
    foreach (VisualStateGroup group in groups)
    if (group.Name == name)
    return group;

    return null;
    private T FindSimpleVisualChild(DependencyObject element) where T : class
    while (element != null)
    if (element is T)
    return element as T;

    element = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(element, 0);
    return null;

  5. Hi,
    Is it possible to retrieve browser (IE) cookies in a windows phone 10 (or 8.1) application? If yes, how?
    Appreciate your response or any inputs.
    Thanks in advance.

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  7. Hi,

    I want to upload a video data from windows phone to server using ASMX service. It is working fine for IOS, Android but not working for windows phone. Can you help me

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  9. Hi, i need some help here.
    i am trying to develop a windows phone app that receives notifications when changes are made to a has really given me a hard time. thank you

  10. Can you please upload a project that integrate with a portable class library(with design part) in wp 8.1 runtime

  11. can u send code for sending automated sms in wp8

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