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Friday, 6 March 2015

Windows Phone : Login application sample, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)


Recently i recieved one question from one of our blog visitor and now-days login page is very important step for most of application.And it is very helpful for allowing only authenticated user's can use our app.

For example the process is like,
1. First user need to fill registration form.
2. Login with registered username & password
3. After login successfully ,app need to show the related login user details until SignOut
4. SignOut from the application,so that it will redirect to login page for another login.

Monday, 2 March 2015

WindowsPhone : Instantiating a Custom Object as a resource in XAML, Beginners Tutorials (C#-XAML)


Fortunately in xaml, we can create elements that come from the standard Silverlight and XAML namespaces. And also we can create objects that are instances of our own custom classes, or standard .NET classes in other namespaces. However in this article i am going to explain about 'How to create objects for our custom classes from xaml?".
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