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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

WindowsPhone 8.0 vs WindowsPhone 8.1:New ways for detecting Page Orientations on Phone(C#-XAML)


It is very important that your app looks good and functions perfectly in all orientations .And it is the best way to attract app users,fortunately windows phone can provide best strategies for making our app in all orientations ,but in some times we may need to  detect page orientations(portrait up, portrait down, landscape left, landscape right) and dynamically change the our UI design.However previously in windowsphone 8.0 we are detecting page orientations with help of 'OrientationChanged' event,but  in windowsphone store 8.1 this event is directly no longer available,so this post is explained about 'What are the alternative ways for detecting page orientation in wp8.1".In addition this post is explained about "SimpleOrientation" sensor class and how it is useful for detecting page orientations in windows phone store 8.1.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

WindowsPhone ListBox Search: HightLight the search result text with specific color(C#-XAML)


In prev post i was explained about get child items in windowsphone,this post is explained about "How to filter/search the listbox items based on text entered in SearchTextBox?" & "How to highlight the search text color in every mapped listbox items?".Oh apart from these two questions ,for the first question there is lot of resources are available to do that,in other hand second question is very interesting requirement and it is little bit complicated to dynamically highlight listbox items text color  which is mapped by text entered in SearchTextBox . Because indirectly it is the way of communication between SearchTextBox & ListBox DataTemplate controls,so we need to get child items of listbox datatemplate and then dynamically format the child items text color with " Run " object element.However this post will gives you simple solution for above both two questions.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

WindowsPhone 8.0: Importance of Exclude & Include commands in Solution Explorer for Beginners (C#-XAML)


Have you ever use two commands "Exclude & Include" in your Solution Explorer?.if yes good,these two commands having most importance.Because when we developing a big app,in solution explorer there may be  some waste of files/images which are not useful at present,but in future these are may be useful.In this case we can temporarily remove un-useful item from the project using Exclude command.And in future when it needs we can add that item using Include command.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WindowsPhone 8.0 vs WindowsPhone 8.1:New DatePicker&TimePicker features(C#-XAML)


In WindowsPhone 8.0 datepicker & timepicker controls are indireclty available from  Windows PhoneToolkit .But fortunately now both controls are direclty vailable from windows phone 8.1 sdk toolbox,so now no need for extra toolkit references ,as well as other paid controls.This post is explained about following new key properties, events,main features.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WindowsPhone 8 Custom URI Scheme:Launching other own apps from your app (C#-XAML)


It is very easy to launch another app with your app with help of "Custom URI Scheme" concept.So it is way of promoting one app with other apps.However this post is explained about 
1)How to make custom uri scheme.
2)How to communication other own installed apps with your app.
3)How to send files between two apps
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