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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Windows Phone 8.0: How to post Multipart Data (Text & Image) to a web service (C#-Xaml)


Hi guys I hope all you guys are doing well?. After a long break I am writing this post on my blog and i am really says sorry to my dear visitors, due to my busy work last two months i was not active in my blog. However this post will be explain about 'Multi Part post to webservice in windows phone 8.0' .

This article has following steps:
  •  Read in the byte array contents of the file ( If we are trying to post image to server ) 
  •  Construct the request in the form of dictionary objects ( For both string parameters and image type)
  •  Set up the request message headers /content type
  •  Set the Multipart content of the request 
  •  Send the request to the web service & get the response
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