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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WindowsPhone Store 8.1 : FaceBook Integration Sample (C#-Xaml)


In previous article i was explained the concept of facebook login support for windowsphone 8.0,Now this article will show you how to easily integrate Facebook to your Windows Phone Store 8.1 application.
This topic contains the following sections:
  • Installation of Facebook SDK
  • Linking App with facebook.
  • Work with Facebook Login Page.
  • Post status message on FaceBook Wall.
  • Logout from Facebook Page.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WindowsPhone : Working with ListBox Items having Hyperlinks (C#-Xaml)


Sometimes we may need to detect hyperlinks from given message.For example I have a Listbox which is binding with multiple message items,but here problem is when user sent hyperlinks to listboxitem message ,then we need to detect hyperlinks from message content and provide action for hyperlink to navigate to linked page.So this post is explained about "How to work with ListboxItems having hyperlinks?". At present this post may not be useful for you,but i am sure it will definitely helpful for you in future :)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

WindowsPhone 8.1: Action Center Sample,Beginners level (C#-Xaml).


A highly requested Notification Center feature is now available in WindowsPhone 8.1, Action Center will allow you to quickly access the settings pages like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi Settings, Bluetooth settings etc. This will also report you about alerts, non-toast notifications, update histories etc. Action Center is available via a swipe down from the top of your device, even from the lock screen.This is probably one of the longest article in my blog :) .

Fortunately a developer can access 'Action Center' like following variety of ways. 
  • Sending a local toast notification to action center with popup .
  • Sending a toast notification directly to action center, without showing a popup.
  • Remove a notification from the Action Center.
  • Update a notification from the Action Center.
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