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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WindowsPhone Dev centre:Wow! now most of app "Publishers" can respond to app customers reviews in windowphone store:


How it is sweet to listen?and i am very happy to share this info to my blog visitors.Microsoft again one step forward is now most of developers/publishers can respond to reviews of our WindowsPhone apps directly from Dev Center. And this feature appeared in the Google Play Store last year and has been highly popular with developers, so it's good to see it coming to Microsoft's app stores as well. So far the main concern is to help you maintain closer contact with users to inform them of new features, bugs you’ve addressed, as well as get feedback and ideas to improve your app.
More Windows Phone developers are now able to respond to comments and reviews from customers in the Windows Phone Store. Since April, certain developers had the ability to answer inquiries related to a specific app. The rollout of this feature has been taking place slowly, with more developers supported each month, and is now proceeding at a quicker pace.

  • Developers can respond to reviews written by Windows Phone 7, and Windows Phone 8 users, only if the writer of the review had his country and region set to the U.S.
  •  Any review written by someone using Windows Phone 8.1 can be responded to, regardless of country and region setting. 
Note2:This feature should not be used for marketing purposes. Note that Microsoft respects customer preferences and won’t send review responses to customers who have informed us that they don’t want to receive them. Also note that you won’t receive the customer’s personal contact information as part of this feature; Microsoft will send your response directly to the customer.

How to respond to customer reviews?

Microsoft has left a set of instructions for developers to follow: 
  1. Sign into the Dev Center and then into the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Apps section and select an app.
  3.  Select Reviews and pick the one that you want to respond to. 
  4. Click on Respond, write your message, and then click on Send.
Step1:Make sure you entered your supporting mail id when app store submission.To add your "Support email address" metadata you will found "More options for a language" in right side when the time of app store submission like this .

Otherwise you will get an warning message when you trying to open your "Reviews" from your app section like this 
Step2:Now you can found screen like this.Type your respond message below and press send button
Once you create a response, users will receive the comment via email from Microsoft and can even contact you directly if you included your support email address in the app submission 'Support email address' metadata.
Remembering Note:
A customer can report an inappropriate review response from a developer through the Report Concern link in the Details section of an app’s Store description. As noted earlier, Microsoft retains the right to revoke developer access to this feature.
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