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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Honored to be Microsoft #MCC award - 2016

I was surprised on last Friday evening, when I saw my MSDN profile which has automatically added the Microsoft Community Contributor award Affiliations from Microsoft. Microsoft awarded me the MCC (Microsoft Community Contributor) award for the first time in my carrier. I am very pleased and share this with you all that my community contributions are recognized by Microsoft.

Thanks a lot to Microsoft, Microsoft MCC Award team for this special recognition. And also thank you all my community friends for your support and feedback throughout the year.
What is MCC Award?

People may want to know, what is this MCC Award? So, this point is for those who don’t know about the Microsoft MCC Award Programme. Here is a short snippet from the Microsoft profile affiliations:

The Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) Award seeks to recognize notable contributors to Microsoft online community forums: TechNet, MSDN® and Answers in areas such as: moderation, content, translation/localization and feedback.

These valuable resources are enhanced by the efforts of Microsoft Community Contributors, who help other participants in a range of ways, such as providing helpful answers, translating online resources into local languages and serving as volunteer moderators.

Each day around the world, Microsoft Community Contributor recipients contribute to Microsoft online technical communities in a range of ways, including providing helpful answers, translating online resources into local languages and serving as moderators.

The MCC badge ends after ninety days (three months) from the date found within the welcome email.

Important Note:
It looks like MCC award is no longer given to TechNet and MSDN users to participate actively in the forums but rather automatically assigned to all MVPs

Please read below links for more info:
1. Information on Profile Affiliations
2. How to Become an MVP or MCC

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