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Monday, 3 April 2017

Solution: Xamarin.Forms Intellisense is not working inside Grid, StackLayout.. etc

If you create Xamarin.Forms project, probably you may find there is a visual studio Intellisense issue inside of a layout(StackLayout, Grid.. etc) like below:
But if you type in the root level of ContentPage, Intellisense will work properly like below

If you found above issue, this article can explain you about how to fix the intellisense issue inside of a StackLayout or Grid.


  • When the time of this article, I am using Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Update 3.
  • This article is prepared on Windows 10 machine.
  • This article was prepared by taking sample which was Xamarin.Forms PCL project.

Note: Please install the latest updates of visual studio, for getting better improvements in intellisense 

There is a plugin available for Visual Studio to enable intellisense for Xamarin.Forms XAML. And also we need to follow few steps below to make intellisense working properly inside StackLayout & Grid.

Step 1: Adding Xamarin.Forms Intellisense from Visual Studio
To configure open your Visual Studio. Go to Tools > Options.
Expand Environment and choose Extensions and Updates from the dialog. Click on Add. It will add a default item to the list. Enter the item Name and URL. Click on Apply and OK.
Now let's open Tools > Extensions and Updates > Mobile Essentials. We can see the Xamarin.Forms Intellisense in the right side there. Click on Download and follow the instructions to install it.
After successful installation, restart Visual Studio so that the changes can be applied to the IDE.

Step 2: Set  Source Code(Text) Editor as Default
From above step, Intellisense would work properly. But in some case, still it may not work. So right click on your xaml page (MainPage.xaml) from the solution explorer=>select open with=>Choose Source Code(Text) Editor => Set as Default and click on "OK".
Now restart your visual studio and you will find better improvement in intellisense like below:
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  1. Hi, I can't find "Xamarin.Forms Intellisense" at Extentensions and Updates !

    1. No issue, continue with step 2. And let me know.

    2. Install-Package MobileEssentials.FormsIntellisense -Version 0.1.1-pre
      enjoy :)

  2. Works greats!!, the name is cocos... but works for xamarin. Thanks!

  3. This is included in current Xamarin stable bits for VS2015/17, so the workaround is no longer necessary

  4. Thanks for your post sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing.


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