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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Windows Phone 8.1 : Microsoft Band SDK Preview Released


The Microsoft Band SDK Preview gives developers access to the sensors available on the Band, the ability to create tiles on the Band and send notifications to these tiles for their applications. Microsoft released it’s first SDK preview for developers. Using the SDK you will now be able to build app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone integrating Microsoft Band features.

To know more about the SDK preview and downloadable links, read more from original post of Kunal's Blog..

Now using this SDK, you can create 3rd party applications which can access Microsoft Band specific sensors, create tiles on the device and send notifications to those tiles. You will now have access to most of the things which you can access and extend the experience of your application in your customers wrist. If you are interested on this, you can download the SDK from the below links and start building your apps targeting iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

How to download SDK?

Are you excited to build something new for Microsoft Band? You need the SDK first. Below are the different links available for different platform to grab the SDK and other resources.
And read related documentation from:

Working with sample code:

If you want to work with Microsoft Band SDK Preview,download samples from below links:
Microsoft Band preview SDK provides you the following features:
  • Multiplatform support – You can either build applications on Windows 7+ version or Mac OS X 10.9 targeting Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 8 and/or Android 4.2. 
  • Availability of Sensors – Microsoft band supports many hardware sensors like: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Distance, Heart Rate, Pedometer, Skin Temperature, Ultra Violet radiation and Device Contact sensors. 
  • Application Notification – The SDK offers you to create tiles on Band and send notification to the tile from your application. Application notification comes in two flavors: Dialogs and Messages.  
  • Theme personalization – You can now customize Microsoft Band’s theming experience from your app to give the user a fresh look and feel. For each color theme, there are six color classes available for you to represent various states of activities on the device.


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